Metropolitan New York Chapter of the US National Committee to UNIFEM

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The Metro NY Chapter was founded in 1987 and is comprised of 200+ members across all ages and professions. Together, our dedicated members raise community awareness and funds for UNIFEM by:

- Presenting informative programs which explore the status quo of women around the world, as well as shine a light on the successes of women and girls both nationally and internationally;

- Planning inspiring events that gather new and old friends, and giving them a space to discuss ongoing UNIFEM efforts, updating each other on their personal lives, or to meet others who are interested in this international community;

- Providing speakers to organizations throughout the Metropolitan New York area

- Participating in public programs and advocating UNIFEM goals

With UNIFEM/USNC, our chapter works towards raising public awareness and funds to support UNIFEM's projects around the world, enhancing women's economic security and rights, ending violence against women, reducing the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among women and girls, and advancing gender justice in democratic governance in stable and fragile states.




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