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Health Leads envisions a healthcare system that addresses all patients’ basic resource needs as a standard part of quality care.  Health Leads increases access to health and health care services by addressing the social and economic factors that contribute to illness.

As a service provider, Health Leads is helping health systems to create models for integrating patient social needs into care, using a full spectrum of tools, including the Health Leads’ desk, in which providers “prescribe” basic resources like food and heat, and well-trained student Advocates stationed in the clinics work side-by-side with patients to “fill” those prescriptions by accessing community resources and public benefits.    In 2014, nearly 900 Health Leads Advocates connected over 13,000 patients and their families to the resources they needed to be healthy.  More recently, Health Leads has been piloting new solutions (including technology, training, and implementation insights) that will enable health care organizations to address social needs in a range of care settings and with a variety of workforces.

 In addition to its work as a service provider, Health Leads works with health systems at the leadership level to build momentum in the sector for addressing patient social needs.  In this role, Health Leads shines a light on innovation and best practices and participates in critical efforts around evaluation and value measurement.



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