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Founded in 2001, SustainUS is a nonpartisan, youth-run, volunteer-led organization advancing sustainable development and youth empowerment. Through proactive education, research, and advocacy at the policy-making and grassroots levels, we are building a future in which all people recognize the inherent equality and interdependence of social, economic, and environmental sustainability. We strive to reflect our values through the diversity of members and projects, our ongoing commitment to educating ourselves and others, and the way we live our lives.

This organization helps put young people in empowering positions to address issues of sustainable development in science, activism, and policy through our national programs:

AGENTS OF CHANGE offers young people from all over the country to opportunity to take part in high-level meetings at the United Nations that directly affect the world that we as young people will inherit. For more information on Agents of Change, contact our coordinators agents@sustainus.org

CITIZEN SCIENCE, the science and technology program of SustainUS, mobilizes young people to advance scientific approaches to sustainable development. We are committed to raising awareness in the United States of existing and emerging technologies designed to improve economic, social, and environmental conditions for current and future generations. For more information, email citizenscience@sustainus.org

LEAD NOW FELLOWSHIP, our newest program to train, support, and inspire youth to become the next generation of leaders advancing sustainable development. It will accomplish this by giving, a diverse group of six young people (age 13-26) a suite of leadership skills; experience applying these skills in a sustainable development initiative of their choosing; and mentoring and training by SustainUS alumni and partners who are leaders in the field. Ultimately, the Fellowship will better train and inspire young leaders to carry out their own projects to serve the global community. For more information, email Fellowship Director at leadnow@sustainus.org

We are one of the only youth organizations engaging on policy issues with submissions to organizations like the U.S Congress and the World Bank. We are looking for young policy experts or students in a wide range of economic, social, and environmental issues, as well as creative campaigners, media savvy advocates, and youth researchers.

Membership is free and anyone is welcome to join! To join, visit our Web site at http://www.sustainus.org , click on the "Get Involved" section and fill out the online membership form. If you have any questions on national membership or the organization, email info@sustainus.org

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  • Engaging in International Negotiations: A Youth Guide - Ressource

    Dernière mise à jour :
    23 janv. 2011
    Description :
    Interested in learning more about SustainUS's work at international negotiations? Want to find out more about what will happen in Copenhagen this December? Che...

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