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Charity Factors Nepal

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2014 02:31:09

20 juil. 2011 10:41:18
CFN a dit
We do not charge any volunteering cost to the volunteers.......................


Charity Factors Nepal (CFN) is non profitable, volunteering organization based in Nepal. We aims to appraisal the need assessment of Nepalese communities, design the short term program to bring positive changes and implement the design program through local and international volunteer's effort. CFN brings people together and share skills, creativity, learning and go with innovative approach in leadership development, agriculture, natural resource management, and community development. CFN provide sound environment to learn, research and show the creativity of people.

CFN categorizes its working strategies into two phases;

Energize and Empower Young People

People from different academic background and nationality are the target group of this organization. These people will encourage participating in CFN program; participated young people will acquire personal skills, managerial skills and diverse information on development issue and working procedures. CFN identify the interest of individual and enhance their potential. Similarly this program builds an inclusive environment to learn and disseminate knowledge and skills among each other.

Volunteering Activities

CFN identify the need assessment in agriculture, natural resource management and community development area and design the short term program to execute. The design program focuses the pilot project, community services, research and awareness. The participated people in CFN program will mobilize as a volunteer in various short term development programs. CFN volunteer will establish a relationship of trust by meeting and interacting with stakeholders in the community and with local government actors including government institutions and other NGOs. Likewise, CFN volunteers work with people to try out new idea; start small and stay practical to generate early enthusiasm. Similarly, the volunteers will support communities to formulate a vision of their own development building on a foundation of mobilizing local assets for development rather than depending primarily on external resources.

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