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Youth RISE (Resource, Information, Support, Education)

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Dernière mise à jour : 8 août 2013 11:32:28


Youth RISE (Resource. Information. Support. Education) is an international, youth-led organisation of young people committed to confronting the reality that young people today live in a world where drugs are more accessible on the street than the education and resources needed to reduce their harm. Current drug policies focused on prevention ignore the reality that some young people around the world use drugs for a variety of reasons, and they are getting sick, being incarcerated, and too often being shunned from society. This is unacceptable. Youth RISE aims to raise-up the voices of young people affected by drug policy, those who use drugs and those who seek to empower them.

We are a membership based network. If you are a young person who uses drugs, is affected by drug policy, or is interested in joining the movement, visit our members page to join Youth RISE or simply sign up using the "user login" box.

Mission & Vision

Youth RISE is a youth led network promoting evidence based drug policies and harm reduction strategies with the involvement of young people who use drugs and are affected by drug policies.

Youth RISE envisions a world where society responds to drug use among young people through humane and evidence based policy and practice.

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    Robin Pollard image

    Robin Pollard

    Zone géographique :
    London, Royaume-Uni
    Ken Vail image

    Ken Vail

    Zone géographique :
    Fairfield, TX, US
    Jena image


    Zone géographique :
    New York, NY, US
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    Zone géographique :
    Newark, NJ, US
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0207 328 2997
Adresse :
124-128 City Road, London, Royaume-Uni
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