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NHCOA is a non-profit, non-partisan organization established in 1979 with the mission to improve the quality of life for Hispanic elderly, their families and their communities. NHCOA addresses its mission through advocacy, public policy, education and community-based programs, particularly pertaining to health, economic security, education, employment, housing, strengthening families and building communities. At the national level, NHCOA works toward advancing policy solutions on pressing issues facing aging Hispanic Americans. Some of these issues include Medicare and Social Security reform, health and quality care legislation, and prescription drug legislation. NHCOA provides a voice for Latino elderly through advocacy initiatives and national campaigns. NHCOA provides training, technical support, and engages in community mobilization with its network of community-based organizations (CBOs). NHCOA is the premier national organization representing Hispanic elders. In American society, Hispanic elders are the population that is the fastest growing, most isolated, poorest, least educated, and most underrepresented group. The National Hispanic Council On Aging provides a voice for those who would otherwise go unheard.



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