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Empower and Care Organization (EACO) was founded in 2004 at the community level and was registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) in 2006 (registration number MG/2006/10/294). EACO was established to address the limited educational and economic opportunities that exist for vulnerable groups of women and children in Mukono County.  EACO’s vision is that, by implementing activities that provide these opportunities, it will contribute to the reduction of poverty and HIV/AIDS in the Mukono community.

EACO Services for the communities it works with:

Vocational and Life Skills Training: Targets vulnerable women, particularly widows and individuals living with HIV/AIDS, OVCs, and grandmothers caring for children.  It seeks to address the lack of economic opportunity for these vulnerable populations by providing training and individualized instruction in entrepreneurship, marketing techniques for small businesses, microfinance, and the implementation of income-generating activities (IGAs) including: farming, vegetable growing, coffee growing, cattle keeping, bee-keeping, chicken rearing, piggery, mushroom growing, tailoring and design, arts and crafts, and hair dressing and styling.

 Restoring Hope for the Marginalized: This program targets grandmothers and orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) living with their grandmothers. Major activities include: HIV/AIDS sensitization; scholastic materials and midday school meals to OVCs; “Top-up” of school fees as needed through sponsorships.

Sexual/Reproductive Health: This program focuses primarily on counseling and guidance, educational trainings, and community outreach related to HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), family planning, and life skills planning. In order to implement this program, EACO works with HOPACAM at Mukono Health Center to administer free voluntary counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS and other STDs and provides HIV+ individuals with ARV's. EACO volunteers then make regular home visits to those who have tested positive in order to supply them with foodstuffs that have been donated to EACO. Through this program, EACO regularly visits 50 HIV+ individuals in the community and provides them with donated foodstuffs so they are able to consume nutritious foods that will help them to stay healthy and strong.

 Water and Sanitation: With this programme, EACO looks at the health, water, and sanitation of the community. Here EACO has managed to put up four boreholes for the community of Namanganga, Kasala, Kyabakade and Lugali village all in Kyampisi sub county in Mukono District as well as building a latrine for one of the elderly. We all know how access to clean and safe water with increased sanitation will improve the lives of each individual so we involve more women and children. 

Volunteering activities in the Mukono, Buikwe and Maracha Districts

  • Hands-on assistance to families – help with the daily household chores of families with children that have been orphaned as a result of poverty, HIV/AIDS, violence, conflict related displacement or war. People with social work skills will find this experience very rewarding.
  • Help establish income-generating activities – provide assistance to our projects that create and implement income-generating opportunities for women, vulnerable children, orphans, youth and the elderly. You can become a valuable incubator of a new family business.
  • Office and logistic activities – deliver office support, assist with administrative tasks such as budgeting, accounting, updating paperwork, and maintaining personnel files on children and other beneficiaries. Bring your organizational experience to bear in a different setting.
  • Project management – develop and write project proposals, write grant proposals, help in fundraising, sensitizing the community about health and sanitation. Write progress reports on EACO projects. Bring your project skills to enhance our skills.
  • Teach children – teach math, language, science, personal health, and other topics at schools. Organize day-care activities in the roles of teachers, camp counselors and day care workers. Good for people who love children. Bring your games, songs, musical instrument and enthusiasm to the village!
  • Peers education – deliver training to staff and volunteers on issues relevant to the activities where EACO is involved. Help enhance our knowledge base. Be a co-coordinator of one of our peer education projects or help develop a new peer education project.  Be a teacher of teachers.
  • Train farmers – give our rural beneficiaries information and training on applicable technology forbest-of-breed agricultural practices, land conservation, food security, bee keeping and others. Bring your knowledge and ability to teach and work the land.


EACO's key principles on and approach to community development

·         The vision and philosophy of EACO is based on the belief that every human being is a unique individual and that we all have a right to good health and basic needs and should access means to a comfortable life in one way or another.

·         We believe that the first priority is that people should have a sustainable life. However, almost equally important is that an individual’s life should have meaning and that they should develop independence. This is being achieved through care then empowerment and support. But we need to get infrastructure to give our communities clean water and latrines to stop the spread of disease. It’s really only then we can bring education so that our people understand the overwhelming benefit to them. With improved health comes the ability to be employable to generate income and escape from poverty.

We look forward to receiving your requests, Comments and so on.

If more information is needed, please do feel free to contact me


Empower And Care Organization (EACO) Uganda
Mukono District Kayunga Road Ggulu   A   Kitete   Village 
Tel:  +256 774 310 393             
Email. empuganda@yahoo.com



Date de fondation : 2006-03-03

Numéro d'identification : MG/2006/10/294

Adresse email : Identifiez-vous pour voir ces adresses email

Site(s) web:
eacouganda.webs.com/ facebook.com/EACOUganda eacouganda.webs.com/

Numéro de téléphone : +256 774 310 393.

Adresse :
EACO's main office is located in Ggulu, Kitete, Mukono, Kayunga road, YMCA Lane Mukono District, Mukono, Central Region, 256, Ouganda

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