Advocates for Human Dignity

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À propos

Advocates for Human Dignity's mission is to help people whose dignity has been harmed by the denial of access to justice and human rights, to reach those rights which naturally belong to them as human beings and are protected by international human rights law, while seeking to increase awareness and promote education in human rights issues.

Educational Projects

Advocates for Human Dignity was founded with a view to increasing awareness and providing increased opportunities for discussion of human rights issues.

We are developing educational programs which will include guest lectures, projects alongside educational institutions, and the mutual exchange of information and ideas to promote greater understanding, awareness and respect for human rights across the globe.

Direct Advocacy Projects

Our focus is to work alongside local NGOs to improve access to basic human rights for vulnerable people. We work to maximise the impact of their efforts not only to sustain those in need in the short term, but to promote and build for their future. We believe in the importance of working in partnership with local people to utilise their knowledge and ensure we are providing what they need, not what we think is best for them.

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