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Art Studio Miami

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2014 03:42:16

31 déc. 2012 20:11:49
ASM a dit
The mission of Art Studio Inc, a 501c3 non-profit organization, is to empower young minds by providing a safe location where youth are inspi


Our Mission: Provide Creative-Holistic Art Integration to At-risk Youth

The mission of Art Studio Inc, a 501c3 non-profit organization, is to empower young minds by providing a safe location where youth are inspired and guided by artists, teachers, professionals and mentors who support the student's education and career development through the integration of creative holistic arts.

Our Vision: Healing Systemic Poverty with Creative-Holistic Art Integration

The Vision of Art Studio Inc. is to collaboratively advance the sponsorship and implementation of creative-holistic art integration in impoverished communities and schools. By utilizing all arts & wellness mediums we promote solutions that support human rights, life skills and career development. With these tools our at-risk 'cradle to prison' youth will be guided out of systemic poverty, towards a path of healing and success.

America is the richest nation in the world, yet 37 million Americans live below the official poverty line and millions more struggle to get by every month. In America today, our prison systems are filled with high percentages of young adults from impoverished beginnings. This is America's pipeline to prison — a trajectory that leads to marginalized lives, imprisonment and often premature death; all of which costs our country far more in the long run than the educational solutions to fix it.

Art Studio, through creative holistic art integration programs, is committed to empowering at-risk youth with the tools needed to make their way off the path to prison. Our Art Studio preventative programs engage at-risk youth in solutions that reduce detention and incarceration, leading them out of poverty.

"In the 21st century, the best anti-poverty program around is a world-class education. And in this country, the success of our children cannot depend more on where they live than on their potential."

- President Barack Obama In his State of the Union Address

ALL youth deserve a chance toward successful futures in a global community. Our Art Studio vision is for a world-class education to be available to all students by using art as a learning tool to expand the possibilities for at-risk youth in educational, emotional, and career development while instilling a sense of personal responsibility and a love for lifelong learning. Art Studio aims to foster creative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit in at-risk youth by providing a safe space within the schools or community, for project based learning to take place. Using art as a learning tool, and integrating creative-holistic arts with mentoring programs, our Art Studio programs are designed to enhance short-term educational outcomes while preparing each child for long-term professional success in a challenging and changing world.

'Empowerment Transforms Hope Into Action!' – Our Art Studio Team

Art-integration, mentorship, and the development of creative thinking are proven to increase a student's long-term chances for success. Using art to develop self-esteem, find interests, relevancy, and gain exposure to career choices creates a well-rounded person. Art Studio is taking action to change the "cradle to prison" scenario that is currently playing out for youth throughout the United States. Since 2007 we have focused our efforts to support our Haitian youth here in Miami, Florida by providing the tools needed to empower them towards successful futures.

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    Tallahassee, FL, US
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    Aime Echevarria

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    Miami, FL, US
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    Janina Ordonez

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    Soralee Ayvar

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    Miami, FL, US


Date de fondation : 12/2008

Numéro d'identification : 26-3923184

Adresse e-mail : Identifiez-vous pour voir ces adresses e-mail

Sites web :

Numéro de téléphone : 786-250-2781

Adresse :
7230 NW Miami Court, Studio #5 'The Purple Door', Miami, FL, 33150, US


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