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The African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) is an independent, not-for-profit, pan-African institution of policy research and dialogue on the African child.

ACPF aims to specifically contribute to improved knowledge on children in Africa; monitor and report progress; identify policy options; provide a platform for dialogue; collaborate with governments, intergovernmental organisations and civil society in the development and implementation of effective pro-child policies and programmes; and also promote a common voice for children in and out of Africa.
Our work is inspired by universal values, informed by global experiences and knowledge, and guided by the needs and conditions of African children. Above all, in partnership with other rights-based organisations in Africa and around the world, we aspire to contribute to the effort to make an 'Africa fit for children'.


Our mission is to put children in Africa on the public agenda, through the promotion of supportive policies and laws.

ACPF pursues its objectives by providing a forum for dialogue; by carrying out research on problems facing children in Africa; providing policy options to deal with them; and by working with other child rights organisations and governments to develop and implement effective pro-child policies and programmes.


Our vision is that every child in Africa will be able to lead a healthy life and contribute to the emergence of a peaceful, democratic and prosperous continent that can overcome marginalization in a globalised world.



Date de fondation : September 2003

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PO Box 1179, Addis Ababa, Ādīs Ābeba Āstedader, Éthiopie

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