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Journeys Within Our Community

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 24 févr. 2011 08:10:54


Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC) strives to create and support projects that will reduce poverty levels and increase opportunities throughout Southeast Asia. JWOC provides training and education is areas of health, education, and business development.

Our motto is "see a problem, solve a problem," and our success has been based on our flexibility to find and apply solutions to a variety of problems we see throughout local communities in Cambodia and Laos.

Our current projects include:

Scholarship Programme: Donors sponsor young people would otherwise be unable to afford the fees through university. These students in turn, volunteer every week on our other projects. This volunteering allows them to give back to their community and also gives them valuable work experience.

Clean Water Project: This project provides entire villages with easy access to clean water. This is done by working with the village to provide new wells, fix existing wells, distribute water filters and increase knowledge of good hygiene practices. Providing clean water reduces days lost to illness, increasing economic and educational opportunities as well as decreasing distress.

Microfinance Project: JWOC provides micro loans to marginalized communities around Siem Reap, giving people access to money at a fair rate of interest allowing them to expand their small businesses. The loans are accompanied with business and life skills training to increase the impact they can have on families' lives.

Free Classes Project: This project allows those who have a desire to learn but not the economic means to do so to study for free. English and Computing classes, at a range of levels, give students to learn vital skills for gaining employment. The Sewing Course allows it students to learn a readily employable trade. The Kindergarten class provides pre-school education, focusing on Khmer and English literacy. The open Sunday Art Class is an opportunity for children to explore creative activities in a safe environment.

Relief Project: JWOC responds to local emergencies- events that are devastating to individuals but would not make the international news. We have responded to fires and floods in the past. This project also provides funds and staff to support families to attend Operation Smile clinics.

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EIN 47-0953817
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Siem Reap, Siem Reap, Cambodge
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