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Consultant/Vendeur pour Organisations à buts non lucratifs

À l'heure actuelle, nous n'avons pas d'ouvertures d'emploi, de possibilités de bénévolat, ou d'événements prochains.

S'identifier ou adhérer pour être parmi les premiers à savoir quand de nouvelles ouvertures ou des événements sont ajoutés!

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In assisting the voluntary sector, our principal goals are to: - Furnish our clients with cost-effective service of the highest quality- demonstrating the commitment we have to the importance of their work; - Maintain our reputation for responsiveness, technical skill, creativity, resourcefulness, honesty, commitment to principle, and understanding our clients' goals and needs; - Provide employees with fair pay, generous benefits, a share of profits, a nurturing work environment, and opportunities to participate in exciting and meaningful work while acquiring valuable job skills.

We believe that society, acting collectively through representative government, bears the greatest responsibility to achieve this vision. Yet we also believe this vision will be fulfilled only with a vibrant nonprofit sector that possesses adequate resources, global reach, and a commitment to work with one another toward common ends.



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