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À propos

N/a'an ku sê is a Namibian conservation foundation, tackling conservation as a three-prong approach; land, people and animals. Our vision is an Africa where humans and wildlife can live and thrive together. Our mission is to conserve the land, cultures and wildlife of Namibia and rescue species threatened by an ever-shrinking habitat.

By working directly with land owners we are able to reduce human-carnivore conflict, directly contributing to species' survival outside of protected areas. We buy land to increase protected areas, we work directly with the local San Bushmen population to provide pre-primary education and medical assistance, as well as jobs and training, and we maintain a sanctuary to temporarily or permanently care for orphaned, trapped or problem wildlife. We currently run several projects including:

1. Wildlife Sanctuary for orphaned and injured animals

2. Carnivore Conservation Research Project to protect and conserve wild cheetah, leopard and brown hyena

3. Clever Cubs School and free education for San children

4. Lifeline Clinic and medical outreach for the San community

Find more information about all our projects on our website:


We do not receive any government funding and are solely reliant on generous donations and the time of volunteers to continue our vital work to help the people and animals of Namibia.



Date de fondation : 2006

Numéro d'identification : 45-3683733

Adresse email : Identifiez-vous pour voir ces adresses email

Site(s) web:
naankuse.com pinterest.com/naankusefnd/ twitter.com/Naankuse youtube.com/user/naankuse1 facebook.com/naankuse linkedin.com/company/n-a%27an-ku-se-foundation

Numéro de téléphone : +264 (0) 817 438 505

Adresse :
P.O. Box 99292, Windhoek, Khomas, Namibie

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