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The Earth Institute, Columbia University Education Programs

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Dernière mise à jour : 4 sept. 2013 14:22:48


The earth is witnessing environmental change that is unique in its history. Energy demands are growing at an ever-faster rate; increased levels of greenhouse gases are warming the planet; water shortages are causing crises in multiple areas of the world. These are all the unintended consequences of human activity. Rather than continue on this path, we must learn about these consequences to better manage our interaction with natural systems.

The Earth Institute at Columbia University offers students an unparalleled selection of sustainability programs at the graduate level, which combine the expertise of leading Earth Institute researchers and faculty in the fields of environmental policy, sustainability management, and climate change with the resources of a premier institution of higher education.

You are cordially invited to attend an information session or graduate fair, where you can speak with a representative from Columbia University's Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy (MPA-ESP), Master of Arts in Climate and Society (C+S), or the Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MSSM). The MPA-ESP program is an intensive 12-month professional degree program that offers more science instruction than any other policy program in the world, integrating environmental issues within the instruction of policy and management analysis. The 12-month C+S Program trains professionals and academics to understand and cope with the impacts of climate variability and climate change on society and the environment. Similarly, the MSSM program provides practical training to both full and part-time students seeking to further their careers as sustainability professors or transition into a sustainability field by combining academic leadership, scientific rigor, and professional practice to form an interdisciplinary community dedicated to making advances in global sustainability practice.

Drawing on the superb educational and research facilities of Columbia University, these programs combine elements of established programs in earth sciences, earth engineering, international relations, political science, sociology, and economics with unique classes in interdisciplinary applications specially designed for the programs' students. At the information session or graduate fair, you will have the chance to learn the Earth Institute is develop the next generation of environmental policy leaders.

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