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Community Breakthrough Support Mission is a registered NGO that offers a multidimensional approach to poverty. Our mission is to offer comprehensive care and support to marginalized members of society and bring about socio-economic independence. Our vision is to live in a just society where the less fortunate are facilitated in acquiring protection, care, support and knowledge to better their lives. Through our grassroots efforts we hope to enhance accessibility to health care services for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). Offer alternative homes for the nearly 300 OVCs presently in our care. Create awareness and understanding of HIV & Aids among other communicable diseases.Train guardians on sustainable income.Enhance access to educational & training services for the OVCs.Create sustainable projects (e.g., clean water, clean fuels,composting latrines) to improve the health of community members. Help establish women's co-ops or business initiatives.



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Kimilili, KE.900, Kenya

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