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Funders Together to End Homelessness is a national network of more than 160 funders working to end homelessness in the United States and Canada.  We believe that ending homelessness is possible, and philanthropy can be a catalyst to help end it.  But first we must come together to share what works, learn from each other, and challenge each other, with the goal of leading our communities and our nation toward ending homelessness.

We primarily work to accomplish three goals:

  1.  Improve grantmaking to prevent and end homelessness by keeping funders apprised of best practices and innovation in the field; 
  2.  Increase collaboration and alignment of funding. Community efforts to end homelessness are exponentially more effective and efficient when funders align their strategies, outcomes, and evaluation metrics. We foster and develop opportunities for public-private partnerships, regional funders networks, and alignment around best practices; and
  3. Advocate for change. Funders who want to truly end and prevent homelessness must engage in advocacy efforts in their respective communities and/or at the national level. Through advocacy, philanthropy can help reduce policy barriers, leverage funds, and create bridges between different systems to have a real impact on ending and reducing homelessness.


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