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Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2014 01:46:12

17 avr. 2013 18:24:39
The Alliance a dit
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The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly American Humanics) exists to strengthen the social sector and to sustain the ability of nonprofits to fulfill their missions with a talented and prepared workforce.

We accomplish this by partnering with colleges and universities to prepare Certified Nonprofit Professionals (CNPs). Our innovative career development program blends rigorous college coursework with hands-on leadership activities such as internships and service-learning. We then connect students and CNPs to career openings at our nation's leading nonprofits, such as the YMCA, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire, Feeding America and many more.

The annual Alliance Management/Leadership Institute (AMI) is the country's premier career development and networking symposium for college students, faculty and nonprofit professionals. Each year, the Alliance hosts more than 600 students, many of whom are about to graduate and start careers in the nonprofit sector. At AMI, students attend workshops taught by working nonprofit professionals, directly connect with nonprofits that hire, and participate in Case Study Leadership Service Projects at local nonprofits, where they help agencies tackle strategic challenges. Students learn, many for the first time, that they are part of a national movement of service that is bigger than themselves and their campus.

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    Jennifer Reed

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    Kansas City, MO, US
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    Brian Sullivan

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    Kansas City, MO, US
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    Kansas City, MO, US
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1100 Walnut Street, Suite 1900, Kansas City, MO, 64106, US
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1948 (formerly American Humanics)


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