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Real Life. My Music.

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Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2014 03:33:39

3 avr. 2012 22:06:12
Real Life. My Music. a dit
Getting things ready for our third field trip. We would like to thank the Detroit Tigers for donating tickets.


Real Life. My Music, is a nonprofit organization that works to provide inner city Detroit youth with hope and inspiration during times when they are most vulnerable using art and music.

Real Life. My Music. provides Detroit youth an after school safe haven from inner city violence where they can express themselves. We meet with the children right at their school to make it as simple and safe for them as possible. Our desire is that by mentoring them, helping them to develop their talents in art, music and dance, and taking them on Saturday field trips, they will develop the needed confidence in themselves and their abilities to be successful in life.

Real Life. My Music. strives to tackle the social problem of the lack of after school programs in inner city schools. Currently only 12% of Michigan students are enrolled in an after school program, up only 4% since 2004. Acording to the After School Alliance approximately 14 million young people nationwide are left unsupervised in the hours after schoo. We strive to build an alliance with both the students and community while developing the youth into successful members of society.

Mission Statement: Revitalization of the City of Detroit requires the re-establishment of the music industry via the non-profit organization "Real Life. My Music." The organization strives to develop positive self-esteem in youth while providing them with the necessary tools to make favorable decisions in an urban environment. While using the music industry and its multitude of opportunities as a medium, "Real Life. My Music." endeavors to instill leadership values into inner city youth and encourages them to rebuild the city.

Our company is still in its infancy and we are currently in the process of raising funds to make this dream a reality.

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    Alena Anderson

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    Southfield, MI, US
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    Lena Pernell

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    Detroit, MI, US
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P.O. Box 11483, Detroit, MI, 48211, US
Date de fondation :
October 14, 2009


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