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À l'heure actuelle, nous n'avons pas d'ouvertures d'emploi, de possibilités de bénévolat, ou d'événements prochains.

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À propos

WSW is a nonprofit artist's space founded and run by women to serve as a supportive working environment for all people interested in the visual arts. WSW strives to provide artists with the support necessary to create new work. This support includes access to fully equipped, affordable studios for artists who are interested in working with printmaking, papermaking, ceramics, book arts and photographic media. We offer Grants, Fellowships, and Internships to artists at all stages in their career. WSW believes in the need for and importance of artistic activity within our culture. Since its grass roots beginnings in 1974, WSW has grown to international stature, drawing artists from across the United States, Canada and Europe to its multi-disciplinary programs and events. They come as teachers, sharing their skills with other artists, as artists/students, interns, exhibitors and as artists-in-residence. They come to immerse themselves in the collective energy and spirit that has infused WSW from the very beginning.




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