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Neighborhood House, Helping Neighbors Help Themselves

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Dernière mise à jour : 27 juin 2012 20:51:22

27 juin 2012 20:49:54
Neighborhood House, a dit
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Helping Neighbors Help Themselves

We believe that with the right support, people can overcome serious challenges. Just ask the thousands of people Neighborhood House assists each year.

A leading Portland non-profit, social service provider, Neighborhood House delivers innovative and life-changing programs for low-income people of all ages. Our programs prepare children for success in school and life, help families move beyond poverty and support seniors to continue living independently.

Who We Serve

Approximately 18,000 low-income children, families and seniors each year across the greater Portland area. Our clients represent a remarkably diverse mix of ethnicities and cultures, including many recent immigrants from Latin America, Africa, Russia and the Middle East.

Our Team

Currently 96 regular staff and 500 volunteers, who give more than 20,000 hours of service each year.

Our History in the Community

Founded in 1905, Neighborhood House was the city's first organization established to help the many immigrants who were arriving and settling in South Portland. For over a century, Neighborhood House has been the primary resource for people in need in South/Southwest Portland, its programs evolving to meet the changing needs of the surrounding community. In the last few years, Neighborhood House has grown dramatically, adding new programs and extending our services across the greater Portland area, with a concentration in North Portland. Read more about Neighborhood House's impressive legacy of service to the community here.

Our Core Values

Neighborhood House is committed to offering innovative and high-quality education, anti-poverty and senior support services. Our core strengths are:

Client-focused services – Every neighbor's different. We reach people where they are, to effectively facilitate change.

Connection – We are connected to our neighbors. When we help people in need our entire community is strengthened.

Results – Our programs make a measurable difference in the lives of our clients and the community.


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