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Tunaweza Children's Centre is dedicated to helping children with disabilities and developmental delays to reach their fullest potentials. A team of trained therapists boosts child development through an excellent curriculum of occupational, physical and speech therapy tailored to each child's speicific needs. Social integration plus other forms of therapy such as special education, music, and art are also offered at the centre.

We aim provide the families and communities of special needs children with information, training and specialized help.

The Tunaweza Children's Centre follows a holistic approach to serving children with special needs. We believe in providing our children and their families with dignity, respect, justice, excellence, and independence.

OUR CLIENTS: We serve children with a variety of diagnoses ranging from autism to cerebral palsy to speech delays. Children's attendance schedules vary at the centre per their individual needs.

INVOLVEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Email admin@tunaweza.co.ug with volunteer or job interest. We host an international staff with an impressive array of specialties and backgrounds.



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