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À propos

Virtue Futures Community Initiative (VFCI) IS A NON PROFIT MAKING COMMUNITY BASED organization founded by community individuals from Bbeeta village Bumangi parish Mugoye sub-county Kalangala District.

It was established to offer support to individuals vulnerable people, families affected by HIV and AIDS especially orphans and helpless children in the small trading centers, villages and landing site areas of mugoye sub-county in Kalangala District. At the moment, VFCI is working in the villages of Bbeete, Busanga, Mulole Kasekulo,kyelwa as the main areas of operation so far but with hope of extending the services to the whole district with time.

Our commitment to the working and net working with the inhabitants in mugoye has made the area take off in positive change. People in some of the villages and landing sites know the importance as to why a home ates should have safe water, why behavior change practice adoption is neccesery especially among the youthkmugoye sub


Fostering the community in accessing basic needs in life, responsive to community needs living a better quality life


To have a socially spiritual and economically transformed community

Goal and objectives;

VFCI has main goal; "to improve the quality life for rural poor, prevent and alleviate the spread of HIV and other infections e.g. TB, Malaria, STDs and STIs through building and strengthening capacities by individual and group participation, service delivery and social support networking fostering vulnerable live a quality life through building and strengthening individual capacities, service delivery and social support networks.


  • Helping people access primary health care and support for individuals and families affected and infected by HIV and AIDS
  • Community sensitizations on PHC of sanitation and nutrition in children, safe water access and clean homesteads
  • Routine counseling and testing for HIV and AIDS to the people in landing sites and villages.
  • Entrepreneurship training, Vocational skills training and development to the out of school youth i.e. brick making, weaving and basketry, carpentry and tailoring.
  • Adolescents/youths sexual reproductive health and development education.
  • Psychosocial support for orphans and vulnerable children and their families /guardian
  • Women capacity building and training of communities on substance and commercial food production.
  • Pastoral care and counseling particularly action and research.
  • Immunization of children bellow 5 years


Date de fondation : 18th-March-2009

Numéro d'identification : KDL/116

Adresse email : Identifiez-vous pour voir ces adresses email

Numéro de téléphone : +256 772036155, +256712712302

Adresse :
Kalangala, Kampala, UG.101, Ouganda, P.O.BOX 72529

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