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Located on Ain Sara, the main street of Hebron, Excellence Center specializes in providing convenient educational services to students and professionals. Due to a lack of resources many Palestinians lack proficiency in foreign languages and communication skills. Such deficiencies pose serious challenges to obtaining a university degree and participating in the labor market. Excellence Center has a licence from the Ministry of Education to work as educational Center in the city of Hebron.

We offer English language classes at all levels, and courses on other critical subjects such as CV and cover letter writing and interview preparation. The English conversation program pairs participants with native speakers so that they have the opportunity to improve speaking, listening, and comprehension.

Hosting International interns and volunteers from abroad facilitates diversity and cultural immersion in the classroom.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Excellence Center in Hebron is to focus on cultivating highly trained, capable graduates with proficiency in several specializations including conversational English, who can successfully participate in the labor force and contribute to societal development in the Palestinian community .Through educational programs, workshops, community engagement, activities and other initiatives, we engage and serve participants of varying ages, interests, educational level including schools students, university students and community members.

Moreover, Excellence Center aims to increase mutual understanding between the Palestinians and people from other countries by means of educational and cultural exchange which assists in the development of peaceful relations.


Excellence Center in Hebron will be an outstanding educational and cultural center that serves the needs of its diverse Palestinian community by providing innovative and creative opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve.

We envision a center that provides opportunities for dialogue with other cultures and is well-known in Palestine to serve international and national students, participants and visitors.




Date de fondation : 01/06/2011

Numéro d'identification : 7507/3/8

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Numéro de téléphone : 00972 2 22 54792

Numéro de fax : 00972 2 22 54792

Adresse :
Ein Sarah, Hebron, West Bank, 00972, Territoire palestinien

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