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  • Dr. Benjamin R. Barber - Founder and President

The Interdependence Movement is a network of citizens without borders, including artists, educators, students, politicians, entrepreneurs, civic and religious leaders and other activists, who recognize the interdependent nature of our world and advocate for new forms of constructive civic interdependence to solve the multiple cross-border challenges in economics, ecology, technology, war, disease, and crime that confront us. Since 2003, people from around the world have celebrated September 12 as Interdependence Day; they are now forging a year-round movement to combat unilateralism, parochialism, ultra-nationalism, and isolationism wherever they are found.

CivWorld, hosted at The Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society, is the project that sponsors the Interdependence Movement. CivWorld engages in several closely linked activities aimed at raising awareness of the interdependent character of global society and fostering transnational and interdependent solutions to global challenges: the Interdependence Day Forum and Celebration and the Interdependence Movement that has emerged from it, theoretical and policy research on democracy and interdependence, a Civic Interdependence Curriculum for high schools, and various forms of advocacy.

An integral part of The Graduate Center of The City University of New York, the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (CPCS)



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