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Hedonisia LLC

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2014 02:09:28


Hedonisia Hawaii is a Community based on the concept of sustainable social enterprise. It was started in 2004 on land that was previously a junkyard in the lower Puna region of East Hawaii.

Slowly we cleaned up the junk and evolved into a living community where volunteers from around the world assist in environmental, feminist and other socially progressive projects.

WE offer the following services at our community:

A) "Green" Vacation Lodgings:

Nightly, Weekly and Monthly rates for 'Eco-tourists' staying at our quirky, environmentally friendly lodgings!

B) Fair-Trade Volunteer in Hawaii!

Volunteer in Hawaii to enjoy a discounted eco-vacation! Our residential volunteer program is for those who wish to enjoy a longer stay in Hawaii at a lower cost while doing volunteer work at our sustainable community in the Hawai'an rainforest!

C) Hedonisia Community Manager Internship

A hands-on opportunity for qualified applicants to be an Intern Community Manager at the Hedonisia Hawaii Community. If accepted, after your training, you work only two full days a week to 'pay' for your lodgings in Hawaii!

D) Community Enterprise Workshops

The workshops are designed for those interested in gaining economic and social satisfaction from creating a viable sustainable community orbusiness enterprise with income from positive social or environmental change.In these residential workshops you learn Ethical Accounting, Moral Business Relations and Transparent business policies as well as an insider's education in community management.

E) Wordpress/App Designer Tech Volunteers or Interns

We offer a special Intern program at Hedonisia Hawaii for Wordpress website designers or Apple/Android App Developers. Be a techie in the rainforest!

F) Social Enterprise Research Internships in Hawaii!

Many people want to just visit Hawaii to relax in the sunshine and get sunburn! But for those who wish to enjoy using their brains in paradise we offer a number of Research Internships and Volunteer opportunities for our social enterprise web projects.

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