Human Trafficking Awareness Council, inc.

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À propos

Our mission is to prevent and ultimately end forced labor and sexual exploitation of men, women, and children. We raise awareness in communities through hosting educational events and speaking engagements. We investigate and collaborate with government agencies and non-governmental organizations to establish acceptable preventive measures, identify victims, expose traffickers and users, and promote slave-free practices. We provide funding for programs that support survivors of human trafficking through medical assistance, vocational training and economical development, so that survivors are better prepared to re-enter society. The HTA Council was founded to fight against this horrific evil and we are asking for your help.Only together, we can make a difference. We are looking for volunteers that would like to help us, in support of humanity, to raise awareness of this devastating reality. There is so much we can do with just a few small commitments from everyone. Together, we can create a movement to combat human trafficking in our communities, and provide a voice for its victims.

Involvement Opportunities

  • Public Speaking
  • Legal Research
  • Teaching Awareness
  • Investigations
  • Community Relations
  • Media Marketing
  • Special Events
  • Fundraising


Date de fondation : 03/18/2011

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