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Haley House

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 23 avr. 2013 11:33:42


Haley House aims to affirm the intrinsic dignity of individuals by offering healthy food, permanent housing, and opportunities for interaction across perceived social barriers. Begun in 1966 as a house of hospitality the homeless, Haley House has grown into a multi-faceted organization that addresses human needs through four uniquely interconnected branches:

The direct services program: a soup kitchen, food pantry, senior meal, and clothing room in the South End. We serve over 24,000 made-from-scratch meals a year in the soup kitchen and distribute over 65,000 meals a year through the food pantry. Volunteers contribute an impressive 16,108 hours each year to the direct services program. But beyond numbers, Haley House is remarkable in its ability to foster individual relationships between guests, volunteers, and staff.

The housing program: 106 units of permanent, affordable housing scattered throughout the South End. 24 units are reserved for formerly homeless individuals who stay an average of 8.2 years. The remaining 82 units are reserved for low-income families.

The farming program: the McKinley Garden: a school-based community garden that aims to encourage healthy lifestyles and healthy community.

The bakery café: a social enterprise complete with a full-service café, catering, and wholesale venture in Roxbury's Dudley Square with the following community-initiated programming:

  • Transitional Employment Program (TEP): temporary employment coupled with individualized job-training and job-placement assistance for ex-offenders.
  • Take Back the Kitchen (TBK): a cooking class series focused on teaching healthy lifestyle habits to over 300 youth each year.
  • Art is Life itself! (AiLi): a weekly artist performance series celebrating musicians, writers, actors, and visual artists from the surrounding Roxbury community.
  • Community Tables: a pay-what-you-can dinner series offering healthy, local, and delicious three-course dinners for families and neighbors in Dudley Square.

Throughout its programmatic development, Haley House has maintained its rootedness in a personalist tradition that treats each individual with dignity and respect.. Haley House prides itself in adapting quickly to community-expressed needs, whether in the South End or Roxbury. We are driven by the belief that individual relationships, coupled with community collaboration, can change lives for the better.

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