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The Be The Evidence Project, Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service, is a non-profit independent scholarly and creative venture designed to disseminate knowledge, values, and skills that will help improve the individual and community response to critical social issues and improve well-being using 'any media means necessary'.

The mission of the Be The Evidence Project is to foster dialogue and action on how human rights and social justice can be realized in everyday and professional practice. Whether in everyday life or professional practice in social work, medicine or psychology, the challenge is to ask ourselves whether we, ourselves, are "evidence" that the changes we've wanted to see have come about. As humans we tend to externalize problems as if they are outside of ourselves.

Be The Evidence Project events provide a vehicle to disseminate information to raise critical consciousness and the recognition psychological sociopolitical context in which injustices can occur. Transforming society first entails transforming ourselves to 'be the evidence we want to see in the world'. Participation in self or project sponsored activities can help promote the achievement of a just world in which human rights, social justice, and well-being are realized for all. On a daily basis, the lived reality of 'being the evidence' challenges individuals everywhere to look inside themselves to identify and eradicate oppressive attitudes, thoughts, and practices towards self and others.

For more information or to get involved in any projects, contact Dr. Tina Maschi at or or call (212)636-6633.



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