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Chooda is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with a vision of personal transformation and global social change.

The mission is to create transformative experiences for its participants while providing much needed resources abroad. We create international adventure experiences where participants challenge themselves while having the opportunity to engage with communities for whom they have raised money and awareness.

Inspired in equal parts by the Peace Corps, California AIDS/LifeCycle, and Burning Man, Bike Zambia is a seven-day, 400-mile charitable bicycle ride to raise awareness of poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa. The ride has raised $270K and provided grants to make a difference for local communities across Zambia. The mission of the event is to ride bicycles to empower, sustain, and enrich communities.

About the Ride to Raise Awareness of Poverty and AIDS in Africa

Bike Zambia is a week-long, 409-mile bike ride that takes place in June. It's a ride fit for all levels of cycling abilities (Everyone is expected to train and prepare sufficiently to ensure the safety of themselves and other participants of the ride). The ride is roughly 60 miles per day along the diverse route on-road and off-road from Lusaka to Livingstone, where we finish at Victoria Falls. We'd like the group to grow as we go, as locals take part in our traveling community.

The planning of the ride is currently underway, so some of the final details have yet to be determined. Here is what we know so far:

  • The ride takes place in late June. Dates are available on our website. We will conduct a mandatory orientation session in Lusaka before starting the ride.
  • Temperatures in late June range from 45-77 degrees Fahrenheit, and rain is not an issue.
  • We are expecting 15-30 riders to join us in this effort.
  • The money we raise will be donated to local grassroots organizations working with HIV/AIDS, poverty, vulnerable children, and bicycle empowerment.
  • We are eagerly seeking road volunteers as well as riders. For efficiency and democracy, we expect that all riders will be required to serve as road volunteers for a day on the ride.
  • We are currently soliciting financial and equipment sponsors to help us in our endeavor.
  • All riders will be required to submit a non-refundable registration fee which will help us fund the ride.
  • The route we are planning is from Lusaka to Livingstone and will put our finish point at the grandiose Victoria Falls.

If you have any questions or comments about our ride, or if you wish to get involved in any way, please shoot us an email. Keep checking back for more details. You can also join our Facebook page, subscribe to the blog, and follow us on twitter to stay in the loop.



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