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Americans for Peace Now

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 11 juil. 2014 15:07:48


Americans for Peace Now, a Washington-based independent nonprofit organization, is the sister organization of Shalom Achshav, Israel's preeminent peace movement.

APN's mission is to educate and persuade the American public and its leadership to support and adopt policies that will lead to comprehensive, durable, Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Arab peace, based on a two-state solution, guaranteeing both peoples security, and consistent with U.S. national interests.

APN also works to ensure the future and the viability of Israel's democracy and Jewish character through education, activism and advocacy in the United States, and by mobilizing American support for Shalom Achshav.

APN focuses on driving American public opinion to back efforts to promote peace for Israel. A Jewish organization and a member of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, APN emphasizes outreach to the US Jewish community. It also educates Members of Congress and Administration officials by providing information and perspectives often not otherwise heard in Washington, DC.

APN's programs include Government Relations, Media Outreach, Social Media Outreach, Grassroots Organizing, Online Message Marketing, Policy Development, Internet Content, Speakers Bureau, Campus Outreach, Jewish Community Liaison, Direct Mail, Events, and Support for Shalom Achshav.

Realizing that peace for Israel depends on American diplomatic engagement, APN empowers and mobilizes Americans to back peace efforts. It focuses its efforts on educating Washington policy makers and policy shapers.

Using high-tech tools and effective social media outreach, APN engages a new generation of American Jews who are not otherwise involved in the community. Its message combines a love for Israel with a genuine commitment to peace. Through its intimate partnership with Shalom Achshav, APN offers this new generation a way to connect with Israelis who share their values.

Together with Peace Now, APN has in recent years become the utmost authority, bar none, on West Bank settlements. The two organizations publish credible news and analysis on this topic, including computerized mapping information. More information on APN is at www.peacenow.org

Annonces de Americans for Peace Now

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  • Internship for Spring 2015 - Stage

    Dernière mise à jour :
    14 nov. 2014
    Zone géographique :
    Washington, DC, US
    Description :
    Are you passionate about achieving Middle East peace? Are you ready to take your activism to the next level? Are you a college student who is looking to get wor...

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    Alex Free

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    Los Angeles, CA, US
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    Katherine Cunningham image

    Katherine Cunningham

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    Washington, DC, US
    Sarah Sagan image

    Sarah Sagan

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    Washington, DC, US
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    Stacey image


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    logan circle, DC, US
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