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ClearlySo UK

Entreprise sociale

Dernière mise à jour : 5 juin 2014 22:44:46


ClearlySo helps social entrepreneurs raise capital. Our goal is to grow the social investment marketplace and help build a more social economy.

Working directly with the most promising social enterprises and businesses to structure their offering and translate the opportunity to investors, ClearlySo is unique in its ability to speak both ways – to bridge the language gap between social entrepreneur and investor.

'Clearly Social Angels' (CSA), the UK's first impact angel group focused on social and environmental businesses, was officially launched at the House of Commons in March 2012. Investment opportunities are sourced from the ClearlySo entrepreneur network and a strategic group of deal flow partners. The London chapter meets ten times a year and the network is looking to expand to other regions within the UK over the next 12-18 months.

ClearlySo Consultancy and Research (CSCR) undertakes research commissions on social investment and social enterprise for a wide range of private and public sector organisations such as M&S, the Skoll Foundation, BIG Lottery Fund, Oxford University and the EU. Publications include a ground-breaking report on social finance 'Investor Perspectives in Social Enterprise Financing' which became the most downloaded piece of research ever hosted on the City of London Corporation website

ClearlySo's capital raising mandates are currently executed through its FSA regulated affiliated company, Catalyst. Well positioned to become the leading capital raising firm for social investment in the UK, the business brings the traditional success factors of investment banking to social enterprise. By moving capital into businesses which generate positive social change, ClearlySo is a key player in a sector building a healthier, more sustainable economy for all.

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