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Maryland Leadership Workshops

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Dernière mise à jour : 26 janv. 2010 12:12:23


For 53 years, Maryland Leadership Workshops, Inc. (MLW) has challenged Maryland youth to realize their leadership potential. MLW has successfully empowered thousands of students to exercise leadership in enhancing their own lives, the lives of their peers, and their schools and communities. Additionally, MLW has helped train teachers on how to effectively advise student groups. MLW is a State-Aided Educational Institution in partnership with Leadership Maryland and the Maryland Association of Student Councils.

We believe that leadership is of paramount importance in addressing the challenges faced by society and improving our local communities. Youth are society's greatest resource, and thus we must instill in them the confidence, skills, and characteristics to successfully pursue their goals and passions and strengthen Maryland. As Maryland State Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick , has noted, "MLW, Maryland's premier provider of leadership training, consistently empowers youth to exercise leadership within their schools and communities and achieve success in all facets of their lives."

Our programs provide unique opportunities for students to grow by developing the skills of leadership and the skills of life. Students learn about such topics as: self awareness, leadership styles, interpersonal communication, ethics, peer mediation, understanding diversity, group dynamics, conflict resolution, public speaking, stress management, time management, problem solving, delegation, public relations, decision outcomes, goal setting, evaluation, and how to run a meeting. Perhaps most importantly, students have a multitude of opportunities to actually apply the skills they are learning through the various activities and projects they plan and implement during the week-long program.

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