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Teach Plus Teaching Policy Fellowship: Chicago


Programme posté(e) par Teach Plus

Publié le : 13 sept. 2013

Description du programme

I. Overview of Teach Plus

Mission. The mission of Teach Plus is to improve the achievement of urban children by ensuring that a greater proportion of students have access to excellent, experienced teachers. Half of new teachers leave urban classrooms within three years, just as they are beginning to have the strongest impact on student learning. We give effective teachers a reason to stay.

Programs. Teach Plus runs three programs designed to place teacher leaders at the center of reform. These programs include: the Teaching Policy Fellows Program, the T+ Network and T3: Turnaround Teacher Teams. Our programs focus on demonstrably effective teachers in the second stage of their careers (in most cases, years 3 through 10) who want to continue classroom teaching, while also expanding their impact as leaders in their schools and in state and district policy.

In our first two years of operation, we grew from sixteen founding teachers to a movement of 3,500 reform-minded teachers in six cities. We currently operate in Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Memphis, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

II. The Teaching Policy Fellowship

The Teaching Policy Fellowship is a highly selective program for teachers interested in having a voice in decisions that affect their profession. During a cohort experience that spans 18 months, Fellows meet in monthly sessions that offer:

  • Personal interaction with key education leaders;
  • A challenging course of study in education policy, research, and best practices from across the nation; and
  • The opportunity to advocate for policies that will better serve students and retain excellent teachers.

Fellows receive a stipend of $2,400 over the span of the Fellowship.

Impact: The Teaching Policy Fellowship has seen tangible, teacher-driven policy impact since its inception in 2007. Through the Fellowship, Teach Plus has demonstrated that teachers can directly and indirectly influence education policy on a local and national scale. Fellows from the inaugural Boston cohort developed a proposal to turn around chronically low-performing schools by staffing them with high-performing teachers. Together, they drafted a model that is described in a publication called "Ready for the Next Challenge." In the winter of 2009, Teach Plus partnered with the Boston Public Schools to implement this model in three chronically underperforming Boston schools. Their program, now called the T3: Turnaround Teacher Teams Initiative, attracted thirty-seven highly effective, experienced teachers to teach and lead turnaround efforts in these schools. Today, T3 operates in three urban school districts and has served more than 7,000 students. More recently, Teaching Policy Fellows in Chicago, feeling dissatisfied with the support they'd received to transition to the Common Core, envisioned large-scale, teacher-led professional development on the new standards. They secured joint sponsorship for a conference from the CEO of Chicago Public Schools and the president of the Chicago Teachers Union. The resulting conference brought together more than 1,600 teachers and launched similar teacher-led Common Core conferences across all six Teach Plus sites, reaching more than 5,000 teachers nationwide.

Teaching Policy Fellows also influence policy by providing direct feedback to district, state and federal policymakers (including Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and senior education advisors to President Obama), participating in high-profile national conferences and panels, writing papers and policy briefs, and publishing more than 100 op-eds per year in national media outlets

III. Qualifications

  • Current teachers with 3 to 10 years of teaching experience
  • Ideas of policy change they would like to enact on a local and/or national level and the desire and communication skills necessary to actively advocate for these changes
  • A track record of success teaching students in public and charter schools serving at least 50% of students who qualify for free and reduced price lunch.

IV. How to Apply

The deadline for applications is midnight, October 27, 2013. The Fellowship is slated to begin January 2014.

To find out more, attend a virtual info session, or begin your application, visit: http://www.teachplus.org/page/apply-183.html

Questions? Visit www.teachplus.org or contact Veena Villivalam, Network Coordinator, Teach Plus Chicago, at vvillivalam@teachplus.org.


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Chicago, IL, US

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