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Ressource publié par Twatonta Women Organisation

Créé le : 13 oct. 2011

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We are fund raising to help raise funds to build the lodge, school and clinic for the orphans and vulnerable children. This is to help accommodate children in prison living with their parents who have been jailed for different crimes. Looking at the conditions in prison, a lot of diseases, no education for them, no healthy meals, covering like bedding, blankets, and all sort of bad experience, we thought of building a Lodge, school and a clinic to help accommodate, educate and giving healthy support so as to make them experience normal life like any other child. Not only will the project help kids from prison but a lot of children around communities, who are passing through the same, as some of them are orphans and vulnerable.

while we are waiting to build we wish to rent a house for them asap and recruit volunteers to start teaching as well as supporting them with their daily activities.

We invite well wishers, to donate, make a grant or help fund raise for the Project Please. For those wishing to visit and volunteer around communities as part of fund raising are welcome please.

for contact please email admin: twatontawomenorg @yahoo.co.uk or you may inbox on idealist account please. Thanks.

Thanks a lot.

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