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How To Raise Funds For Your Nonprofit


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Créé le : 22 août 2012

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For every non-profit, there's no way around it. Your cause is relevant and worthy. You've identified the need and crafted a breakthrough solution that will ensure tangible impact. Your mission statement is both beautiful and inspiring. You've assembled an impassioned, dedicated staff ready to execute your social impact vision. All's in place. Time to get the ball rolling.

But, oh yeah, there's just one minor detail left. You need money to make it all happen.

Fundraising and development are inescapable realities for nonprofits. And while there are lots of great fundraising ideas out there, one of the most important and poorly leveraged is corporate philanthropy. Corporations are finding that by supporting their employees in cause activities, they can increase employee engagement. That's why corporate volunteer programs and workplace giving initiatives are taking on ever increasing significance.

So how do you capitalize on this important trend?

Learn corporate fundraising ideas.