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Language Resources for Outreach


Ressource publié par Forword Translations, Inc.

Créé le : 13 janv. 2012

Description des ressources

Nonprofits often need translation of documents so that they can launch or support a program, reach out to community members, or submit a grant.

Forword Translations is an assistance service for nonprofits and small businesses. We help these organizations reach out to more people by translating their own resources into Spanish, French, and Russian. We are based in New York City, where there are nearly 3 million native speakers of these languages, but we help nonprofits from Argentina to Kazakhstan.

If you need documents translated for your nonprofit or small business, check out this great resource at www.forwordtranslations.com.

Comment obtenir

Cost varies slightly by the type of organization you are. The cost for nonprofits is free up to 500 words and $0.09/word beyond that (about a half to a third of what big companies charge -- it's in our mission to help organizations on a budget).

www.forwordtranslations.com (make sure you spell "FORWORD" with an "O"!)

(646) 470-WORD