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Nonprofit Seeks Donated Office/Meeting Space


Ressource publié par The UNITE Foundation

Créé le : 9 juil. 2012

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The UNITE Foundation is a DC-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that supports leadership and life skills education through grants to Camp UNITE in Togo, West Africa. UNITE is an all-volunteer organization that has been operating in Washington, DC for the past 4 years and in Togo for the past 10 years. We are seeking an office/meeting space in which to hold our bi-monthly meetings and quarterly board meetings.

Donated office/meeting space needed in the Washington, DC area:

We are seeking a conference room or other small meeting area for our bi-monthly volunteer meetings and quarterly board meetings. Meetings normally consist of no more than 10 people and are always held outside of normal office hours. We will work around your schedule. We would prefer a space with internet access or conference call capabilities, as we frequently use Skype to include stakeholders in Africa and across the U.S. in our meetings.

The value of services, monetary contributions, and office space donated are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

About the UNITE Foundation:

Founded in 2008, The UNITE Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to youth development. Though we are headquartered in Washington, DC, our inspiration comes from across the Atlantic Ocean in the small West African nation of Togo. Each year, volunteers with Peace Corps/Togo and Togolese non-profits work together to organize a youth development program unlike any other operating in Togo today: Camp UNITE. Created in 2001, Camp UNITE is an educational summer camp that equips young Togolese with the life skills they need to overcome the challenges of growing up in a developing nation. Camp UNITE has created a curriculum designed to give campers essential facts about health, wellness and education, as well as the teamwork, communication, and leadership skills needed to put their knowledge into practice. Driven by our commitment to youth development, the UNITE Foundation provides financial support to Camp UNITE, which equips West African youth with the skills and knowledge they need to lead healthy, productive lives. To learn more about the UNITE Foundation, please visit www.unitefoundation.org.

Contact us:

Interested companies/individuals can contact us at info@unitefoundation.org.

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Contact megan.adcock@unitefoundation.org.

Learn more about the UNITE Foundation at www.unitefoundation.org.


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