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Getting Involved Virtually


Ressource publié par Causecast

Créé le : 9 mars 2013

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Your employees want to be engaged with your wonderful community service ideas; they really, really do…but amidst their busy schedules they just can't seem to find the time.

So how about making volunteering easier than ever by offering virtual volunteer opportunities? It's just one more tool that savvy companies are using to sharpen their employee volunteer programs, and by extension, their overall corporate philanthropy complexion.

Online or "virtual volunteering" allows people to help non-profits in a variety of ways, from web design and social media strategy, to translation, accounting, research, data entry and a host of other needs. This kind of skills-based volunteering allows virtual volunteers to contribute as much or as little time as they can, all from the convenience of their computers or smartphones. When employee volunteerism includes online opportunities and fundraising, your employees can effortlessly donate their time and talents.

This is the way your corporation can have significant community impact.