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How you can help Great Baikal Trail :-)


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Créé le : 7 févr. 2013

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Volunteering Opportunities!


Summer Trail-building Projects: Two-week long volunteer camps at different locations around Lake Baikal which involve trail building and maintenance; construction of small bridges, resting places and other necessary infrastructure; gathering of garbage, etc. The idea is to create an foundation for ecological tourism around Lake Baikal and offer an alternative to industrial development in this pristine part of Siberia. The trails are also used as part of the environmental education program run by GBT.

Volunteer in the Office: Help in the office and contribute to the Environmental Education Programs during the summer or for longer periods!

Visit our webpage for more details www.greatbaikaltrail.org and don't hesitate to get in touch with your questions or queries.

Our organization is volunteer-driven, promoting the sustainable development of Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. Read our newsletter and website for information on how to gain experience building environmentally friendly and safe hiking trails, learn about indigenous Siberian culture and traditions (Buddhism and Shamanism), or study amd improve your Russian language skills. Find out how a "volunteer vacation" can help us conserve Baikal's unique environment!