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RPCV Washington Social Map


Ressource publié par Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, DC (RPCV/W)

Créé le : 22 juin 2012

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1/25/13 UPDATE: It's been 7 months since we launched the map, and it continues to grow every week. For the safety and security of our participants, use of the map is now restricted to RPCV/W Members only. If you are not a Member, you can join here.

6/29 UPDATE: The map is looking great! Adding to it is easy, just follow the on-screen instructions. Add colored tags for different locations. Use blue for your DC Neighborhood, red for your Place of Business, green for your Country of Service, Purple for your College or University, and Yellow for your Hometown.

Include your contact info to connect with your neighbors! </UPDATE>

For those of you living in DC, you know the routine. You hear the same questions every time you meet another RPCV.

  • Where in DC are you living?
  • Where do you work?
  • Where did you serve?
  • Where are you from?
  • Where did you go to school?

Ours is a city of circles, packed with millions of motivated individuals who travelled here to pursue their dreams. Many of us become colleagues, neighbors, and friends.

Wouldn't it be useful to visualize the community? How about an interactive map, showing where local RPCVs live, where they work, where they served, where they're from, and where they studied?

Wouldn't it be cool to find someone who lived in your village, went to your college, works in your building, or knows the best places to eat in your neighborhood? What if you could send a secure message and connect safely with them online?

Using Google Maps, we will explore the feasibility of such a project. We aim to create an online map of the DC Metro region, where anyone using a Google account can post and connect with their RPCV neighbors. This will be a powerful social tool with many applications, especially if more and more people utilize and participate.

If you are interested in helping to get it off the ground, or have questions, either email publicrelations@rpcvw.org or comment below. Our goal is to enlist 100 beta-participants and launch the project in the Fall of 2012.

Continue the conversation on our Facebook or Google+ pages. We want to hear from you!

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