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Skills into Enterprise Program (20 EUR to change the life of hundreds of Nepalese people)


Ressource publié par Charity Factors Nepal

Créé le : 14 juin 2012

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Dear Donor,

With warm and Humble Submission we, Charity Factors Nepal, would like to submit our letter of request for your one time contribution (20 EUR) in "Skill into Enterprise "Program. http:www.charityfactorsnepal.com/stories/2288001-skills-into-enterprise-20-eur-to-change-the-life-of-hundreds-of-nepalese-people#

Need Assessment:

Nepal is a developing country. The Socio economic Status of Nepalese communities are still backward. The Average per day income of local people is $1 or less. Though Nepalese communities have its own diverse art and skill, people are not able to promote such skills for their living. Local people are not aware on entrepreneurship development and are not being to find the market and proper guidance.


We want appeal entire world to contribute small portion of your finance in our program. There are some issues in the world which are beyond the territory, religion and holder; our program is for those people who can change their live by your small contribution. We only expect $30 from you which might be your one hour income, but the local people in Nepalese communities are earning only $1 working whole day.

We request you to contribute 20 EUR for humanity….. God will bless you.

Program Preview:

Project Title: Skill into Enterprise

Location: Nepal (Gorkha District)


  1. Enhance the livelihood of marginalize poor people
  2. Identify the community skills and achieve the local development through entrepreneur growth


  1. Advocacy from the gist of Bible
  2. Feasibility study to identify the skills of communities
  3. Support and invest in local communities to enlarge their skills into Small scale enterprise (SSE)
  4. Selection of 100 entrepreneur from project area and guide them in better business performance
  5. Focus handicraft, and agro business skills
  6. Support Formed Small Scale Enterprise (SSE) to link their product in national and international market
  7. Deliver the gospel of Christ in communities


  1. Livelihood of the communities will be enhance through enterprise development
  2. Employment opportunities in each formed SSE
  3. Optimal utilization of local resources
  4. Capacity of local people will be enhance
  5. Gospel of Lord Jesus will be deliver (Amen)

Required Budget: EUR 117650

We work in participatory approach and go through the line of good governance

Give your one hour income to change the life of hundreds people in Nepal.