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The Adelphi Teacher of Mathematics Scholarship (TOMS) Program


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Créé le : 19 déc. 2011

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Adelphi Unversity's TOMS program is a National Science Foundation NOYCE Scholarship for mathematics majors who are pursuing a secondary teaching credential through Adelphi's STEP.

TOMS provides students with the following financial support and training:

  • $14,000 towards financial support during the junior and senior years
  • $22,000 towards financial support during Graduate year
  • Special Training which includes the following classes:
    • Methods of Teaching College Placement Calculus I
    • Methods of Teaching Geometry
    • Issues of Learning Mathematics in High Needs Schools: Race, Gender, Equity & Social Justice
    • Measurement & Evaluation of School Based Mathematics Learning Programs and Testing
  • Periodic seminars while a student; Access to Peer Support Website; One-on-one counseling; and support during first year of teaching
  • Based on your individual financial need, students could have the remaining portion of tuition paid for

Students must commit to teaching in a high-needs district after completing the program.

Comment obtenir

For more information contact contact Dr. Danté A. Tawfeeq, Program Coordinator, at 516.877.4581 or tawfeeq@adelphi.edu.

Interested students must apply for admission to Adelphi University.


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