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The Mallaba Foundation is an expert, independent, nonprofit Organization funded by Dr.Mallaba Raphael Francis whose mission is to perform charitable services. We are here to collaborate with others in this globalized world, to improve the health status of children, Better education status and eradicate debilitating illness as well as connecting people, enriching lives. It is our compassion to help and assist all needy children's so that they can find a better place for Love and Happiness. To work in partnership with people of faith and conscience around the world to end poverty and injustice that affect rural communities. We rely on the generosity of the community to help reach our goal of fulfilling those children's needs. We're not going to stop until we've helped as many as we possibly can. That's why we need you to join with us. On our own, we can only reach so many, but together, we can reach so many more.

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