Cultural Exchange Nepal


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CULTURAL EXCHANGE NEPAL (CXN) is a Non-government and non-for-profit organization (NGO) which is founded by youth leaders with professional backgrounds as social activists, advocates, cultural and tourism experts, ex-volunteers and other professionals. This organization is officially registered under Social Act in the Government of Nepal (GON) (Rag No.3333/067). CXN has been a good forum for university students, development practitioners and professionals.

  • Volunteer upportunity
  • creates wealth and gives everyone access to its benefits,
  • provides an environment that is safe and attractive
  • enables people to express and celebrate their creativity and diverse cultures

We want to give opportunity for people to learn and develop their own skills through Volunteers. Reaches out to and involves those who may be excluded or disadvantaged . Helps communities to create organisations that can tackle their needs and represent their interests

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