Adiel Gavish


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As Founder of BiomimicryNYC, I am working to connect and cultivate a city mentored and inspired by nature's genius.

Biomimicry is a discipline, an ethos and ethic that helps us to see nature as our mentor, model and measure, rather than a warehouse of goods. It is a science that studies nature's best practices and applies them to solve man-made challenges.

These "time-tested, nature approved" strategies are all around us. After 3.8 billion years of R&D nature holds the secrets to success in every part of its DNA. The natural world knows what lasts over the long term and most importantly what "creates conditions conducive to life" as opposed to simply "sustaining" or "reducing" our impact.

Biomimicry urges us to ask, "what if...".

Biomimicry NYC works with organizations and professionals to train and equip professionals to "design with life in mind at all times". We are co-developing and scaling a network approach to spreading "the meme" through an international network of networks in collaboration with Janine Benyus and the Biomimicry 3.8 group.

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