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MMission bénévole

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Mission bénévole

Mission bénévole posté(e) par TOKAMALIRAWO AIDS SUPPORT (TASAAGA)

Publié le : 4 févr. 2014

Description de la mission bénévole

TASAAGA a Ugandan non-profit organization is running a healthcare project targeting the rural populations on Kimi Island and we are having Volunteer opportunities for medical professionals who are willing to render free medical services to disadvantaged poverty striken people in Uganda. Kimi is an Island on Lake Victoria the second largest lake in the world. This Island although it is only 30 minutes away from Ngamba Island which is the Chimpanzee Sanctuary, it is one of the Islands in Uganda with the poorest population with no access to healthcare services at all. It is now a year since TASAAGA started making outreaches to this Island with an aim of enabling people on it to access healthcare services. The most common cases of diseases on this Island is Malaria and HIV/AIDS related diseases.

During the week volunteers stay in the village and on weekends they stay in Entebbe at the TASAAGA volunteer house located closer to internet services, and has electricity, shower rooms, and running water. This house is also surrounded by numerous resort beaches.

This role is suitable for only people with medical training backgrounds who are self motivated and self-directed who want to make a difference in a disadvantaged poeple's lives. This volunteer opportunity is available both people willing to commit short time like 1 to 2 weeeks and those willing to stay longer than that. Groups, couples and individual travelers are welcoome.

People interested in this position must also be ready to contribute a fee of US$150 per week for accommodation, food, and airport pickup on arrival at Entebbe airport in Uganda.

For more information about this and other volunteer opportunities in Uganda with the TASAAGA organisation please visit TASAAGA's website: www.tasaaga.org

To apply send your resume and application to:-


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To apply for this opportunity send your resume and application to:-

info@tasaaga.org or call +256789532928

Zone géographique

Katabi-Entebbe, Kampala, Central Region, 256, Ouganda


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