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MMission bénévole


Mission bénévole

Mission bénévole posté(e) par AHADI Volunteer

Publié le : 21 mars 2014

Description de la mission bénévole

We offer volunteer opportunities for students, professionals, seniors and anyone with the desire to serve in rural villages in Kenya. Those interested in participating in our volunteer Program will complete an application form, and upon acceptance, are given the opportunity to work with our member community groups.

AHADI will work closely with each volunteer to ensure a comprehensive preparation that includes both an understanding of the people with whom they will be working with, and all considerations necessary for travel to Kenya.

AHADI is committed to reduce poverty, ignorance and disease among the rural communities in Kenya through economic empowerment education, and health care. We place volunteers in programs that provide safe and meaningful experiences to them.

Volunteer form is available here


A Duly filled form is to be emailed to volunteer@ahadicommunity.org

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Support program

In Kenya it is estimated that there are nearly 1,100,000 orphans due to HIV/AIDS. A significantly larger number of children are living in families where one or both parents are HIV positive. Many of them have been abused or neglected by their extended families or are just coming from poor families. Others could be sick, infected with HIV/AIDS or receiving inadequate care in orphanages.

The volunteer will have an opportunity in this program to offer their love, help and care to the orphans through mentorship. These children need love, attention, education, medical care, legal advice, psychological counseling like other normal children. They will be care for within their families and those with special needs being taken care of by surrogate families, orphanages or boarding schools. The volunteer will assist them with their homework, teach them in class, how to perform home chores. Virtual volunteers can sponsor a child in a boarding school. There is no professional requirement for this opportunity.

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visit www.ahadicommunity.org for more info or email ahadiworld@yahoo.com

Zone géographique

386, Kericho, Kericho, Kericho, 20200, Kenya


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