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MMission bénévole

Volunteer in Turkey

Mission bénévole

Mission bénévole posté(e) par CADIP

Publié le : 1 févr. 2014

Description de la mission bénévole

Organising activities and preparing a party for kindergarten children inDuzce from May 26 till June 10, 2014.

Duzce is a big city in the north-west of Turkey. The project site is in the suburb of the city.

kids-turkey2.jpg kids-turkey3.jpg

In this project we will cooperate with a local women's association which is running a kindergarten for the kids of the working mothers of Duzce city. In order to raise funds, they also do different activities related with their jobs. Producing hand made food like jam, tomato sauce, powder soup and selling them is a source of income for the association.

Social volunteering

They need volunteers to help them for preparing the end of year party at the kindergarten, to decorate the walls, play games and sing songs with the kids, welcome the guests, etc. The volunteers will also help the staff to run activities with the kids. If you can play a portable instrument, or teach some games to the kids, or are able to do handicrafts, you are vey welcome. Also some gardening works will be a part of your work.

Special requirements: This is a women only camp.

For more information, please go to: http://www.cadip.org/volunteer-in-turkey.htm

For programs in other countries check out: http://www.cadip.org

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Apply online through Cadip's website: http://www.cadip.org

Zone géographique

Duzce, Düzce, Turquie

Nombre d'heures exigé

Moins de 3 mois
Nombre d'heures exigé
Plein temps (30-40 heures par semaine)
Heures de la journée
Jours de la semaine
Date de début et de fin
May 26 - June 10, 2014