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MMission bénévole

Volunteer in Bolivia

Mission bénévole

Mission bénévole posté(e) par CADIP

Publié le : 23 oct. 2013

Description de la mission bénévole

Social activities, environmental work and Summer Solstice celebrations with the local people of Incallajta, December 15 - December 25, 2013.

In the month of December, the ancient Andean culture celebrates the Summer Solstice. This is a very important month in the peasant agricultural cycle because of the beginning of the rainy season in the Andes and the Amazon. It is in this context that we organize a workcamp for cultural and social work in the rural community of Quechua Incallajta.


The volunteers will be involved in different activities during the project: • Preparing and running awareness campaigns. • Help building a compost and cleaning the heritage site. • Conducting workshops on waste recycling with students in an Incallajta School. • Participation in the preparation and celebration of the Summer Solstice Ritual. • Visiting the eco-archaeological tourist site Incallajta and exploring its coexistence with nature.

Language: English

Accommodation: Volunteers will be hosted at the school in the rural community Incallajta, Cochabamba Department.

Location: The project is located in Incallajta, Pocona Township, in the south of the department of Cochabamba. Incallajta is located 150 km from the city of Cochabamba.


For more information and other volunteer projects in Bolivia, please go to: http://www.cadip.org/volunteer-in-bolivia.htm

CADIP International Volunteer Program: www.cadip.org

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Call in USA: 646-657-2900; 617-841-0400; 310-882-7400

Call in Canada: 416-943-4900; 514-316-8500; 604-628-7400

Zone géographique

Cochabamba, Departamento de Cochabamba, Bolivie

Nombre d'heures exigé

Moins de 3 mois
Date de début et de fin
December 15 - December 25, 2013